DevSecOps Strategy

Working with customers to integrate security seamlessly into the software development and deployment process with automation, secure by design principles and improving collaboration between development, security and operational teams.

Security Maturity Assessment

Helping customers to understand their existing security risks with a business focus looking at people, processes and technology. From this, a roadmap is created with practical steps that will enable the business to increase its security level.

Risk Management and Security Policy

Identifying, accessing and prioritising potential threats to an organisation is an essential part of creating good security policies that a useful and manageable for all staff.

Virtual CISO

Providing security consults with previous CISO experience to organisations on an as-needed basis rather than a full-time employee. This brings a view from multiple organisations rather than a single business focus.

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Ensuring customers have good and actionable threat intelligence in feeds has become a modern-day skill set. Identifying, collecting and analysing information about potential threats and vulnerabilities is only half the role. We work with organisations to make sure data is useful, not just noise.