Datavator Experts in Cyber Security Automation

Cybercriminals are operating globally, faster, and in more significant numbers.

Security teams need to respond 24/7 in real-time which can only be achieved with automation.

Security Assessments and Consulting

Providing expert security consultants to help organisations understand current and future security requirements.


Working with organisations to think shift-left for security and create efficient integration into the software development and operational lifecycle.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Security operations are not able to respond at speed so automation and orchestration are key to providing an effective response.

Vulnerability Scanning

Providing vulnerability scanning and management technologies to identify risks and prioritize remediation for all assets.

Automated Security Validation (ASV)

Sleep well at night with Automated Security Validation. Continuously Validate Your Cyber Defences.

External Attack Surface Management

Automate testing across all attack surface layers by safely emulating outsider attacks.

Web Application Scanning

Automated Web Application scanner to simulate external penetration testing of individual applications.

Our Blog

Data and Security Consulting

Technology is constantly changing and organisations’ attack surface is constantly moving. Read our blogs about the tools and partners we use to help organisations to detect anomalies a prevent security teams from being overwhelmed.